Entity Formation, Management, and Modification

Bibby, McWilliams & Kearney, PLLC, advises start-ups and well established companies in all aspects of business entity creation and management, from formation and regulatory compliance to commercial transactions, negotiations, and contract drafting.  We help clients understand and select suitable business entities to successfully reach their goals and plan for future challenges in operations, growth, and competition in the marketplace.  Our attorneys counsel clients concerning the benefits and considerations of corporations, limited liability companies, series LLC's, general partnerships, and joint ventures, including possible tax implications, operational and management issues, transferability, succession, and personal liability tolerance.

Bibby, McWilliams & Kearney also drafts entity organizational documents and agreements to clarify the responsibilities, rights, and roles of all stakeholders in order to lay a foundation for the business and avoid future disputes.  We also advise clients concerning exit strategies for disposition of their business and succession planning or passing the business to the next generation.

In your various business creation and management needs, Bibby, McWilliams & Kearney is ready to help.