We want to be your law firm.

Kearney, McWilliams & Davis, PLLC, is grounded on the idea that consolidation and focus allow for efficiency and productivity.  We don't just want to be your law firm.

We want to be your only firm.

Born from the mineral and oil & gas sectors of law, KMD has expanded to become your "general property" firm.  We want to handle the entire stack of your company, estate, or land's issues.  Not merely a title firm, KMD wants to handle your intellectual property issues, business transactions, negotiations, and litigation.  We want to assist you in expanding your business, negotiating and enforcing your agreements, developing and managing residential and commercial property assets, acquiring new businesses, managing your employees, and identifying and protecting you against your liabilities.

From start-up to massive multinational operator to individual inventor to small landowner, we can and want to assist you.

Our business model allows us to compensate attorneys and staff at more flexible and competitive salaries, while combined with less strict hourly requirements seen at other firms.  This means our attorneys, staff, and even law clerks can focus on the individual client, rather than chasing the clock.

Bottom line: We are available, dedicated, and excited to be a part of your business.  Our principal office is located in Houston, Texas, with additional offices in Denver, Colorado.  Please reach out to us at your convenience.

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