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Are you, or someone you know, interested in immigrating into the United States?  Do you own a business or manage employees who need to transfer, modify, or otherwise maintain their visas?  We can help.

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Our country continues to be a magnet for people of other countries. The fact is that the United States attracts more visitors and immigrants than any other country in the world, every year.  Citizens of other countries may be interested in coming for a very brief visit lasting only a few days, or staying for a few months or years, perhaps permanently moving to this country, or ultimately becoming American citizens.

Foreign citizens frequently ask us how they, having limited connections or no links to the U.S., could immigrate to this country.  This requires a well-planned strategy, knowledge of the options available, and can take several specific steps.  The U.S. government has established many visa programs based on different categories, which broadly can be categorized as employment, investment, family, and asylum.


    Generally, but not always, a sponsor or employer is needed. There are different programs available for certain professions and trades, and the employment can be seasonal, temporary or permanent (green card).  The availability of qualified labor and intellectual talent helps the United States remain economically strong and maintain its international competitiveness.In many cases, studying in the United States increases the probability of being offered employment here, as practical training, or for a permanent position.


    In the interest of continuing to promote entrepreneurship and a business friendly environment, the United States has established several programs that require capital investments, and makes them available to citizens of certain countries.  What the capital requirements are is a common question, and the answer may, or may not, be a fixed amount.  In many cases, the required investment should be enough to support the family of the investor which varies from case to case, and in other programs a fixed amount is required (usually higher).  The difference between the required investment amounts of each program would result in different types of visa granted, i.e., temporary or permanent (green card).


    As a nation of immigrants and with a history of large waves of immigration, the U.S. has now within its borders many American citizens and legal permanent residents who have relatives in their countries of origin.  For many of those relatives, the differences in the quality of life and opportunities they have in their countries, compared with the life in the United States, is strikingly evident and makes them become interested in moving to the United States as a way of looking for a better future for them and their families.


    The social and political situation in some countries is unstable and drives their citizens to look for safer places to live.  As a country proud of being a place where the rule of the law is valued and maintained, many asylum seekers look at the United States for an opportunity to live safer lives, and to better themselves.

With so many programs available, immigration law is a complicated subject that requires the assistance of an experienced attorney to navigate the treacherous waters of immigration law.  The stakes are high, and some approaches can result in long term, or even permanent, bars to the possibility of immigrating.

Interested in knowing more and assessing your eligibility to immigrate to the U.S.?  Call (713) 999-5287 or email for a brief, free consultation at our office or by telephone.

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