Oil, Gas & Other Minerals

Kearney, McWilliams & Davis, PLLC, is dedicated to the oil and gas industry and all the related issues that accompany exploration and production.  Our attorneys have vast experience in title examination of all varieties.  Many of our clients have very specific and unique demands of our work product in which we coordinate with the client to produce the perfect format for their needs.  We currently have attorneys licensed to practice in multiple states, including Texas, Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and more.

KMD knows the importance of quality and efficient title examination.  Competent examination requires attorneys to review public documents recorded in the appropriate county to determine the surface, mineral, and leasehold ownership of the property in interest.  Title examination can also include determination of encumbrances that may affect acquisition, production, or financing the development of a property.

Our firm works with clients and landmen to outline appropriate curative requirements necessary to establish the desired degree of marketable title.  We have the attorneys, licenses, and experience necessary to assist.